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Jump Starting Your Financial Future with Pre-construction Profits!

This course is divided into 10 individual mini-courses that walk you all the way through this very valuable information. Each mini-course is designed to introduce and complete a specialized piece of knowledge that you need for real estate investing.

Even if you decide later that you are more interested in different aspects of real estate investing than generating repeatable, consistent monthly passive income, then this course will give you the tools to do exactly that!

So here is the content of each mini-course.

Mini-Course 1: Introduction

Provides a quick introduction to your instructor and then orients you with how to best operate the videos and how to obtain the extra materials presented in the course. This extra material is very useful spreadsheets so you will definitely want to know how to get these to your desktop.
Length: 12 Minutes, 14 Seconds

Mini-Course 2: The Preconstruction Process?

Your instructor added over $100,000 to his net-worth on his latest preconstruction deal, in less than 6 months. Others are making much more! What is going on in preconstruction real estate, what are the processes involved, and how can I make this much money?
Length: 33 Minutes, 57 Seconds

Mini-Course 3: Creating Wealth with Preconstruction Real Estate

This is an absolutely PACKED mini-course. Starting off, it covers why real estate has been the cornerstone of many wealthy individual’s portfolios. With that background, we then cover the multiple strategies that can be used by you in preconstruction real estate to build enormous wealth. We’ll look at ways to quantify the investment performance (before you buy) to know if you are looking at a good deal or not and if this will really excel your performance.
Length: 41 Minutes, 34 Seconds

Mini-Course 4: Types of Preconstruction Real Estate

Did you know that there are 3 major types of preconstruction properties and then many subcategories of those? Did you know that many good investors only specialize in one type, although tremendous returns can be made in each? In this mini-course, we walk you through the types of preconstruction deals that are out there in a step-by-step manner. You will also learn why some “preconstruction” deals are simply marketing ploys while others are true opportunities.
Length: 10 Minutes, 38 Seconds

Mini-Course 5: Determining Your Investment
Objectives with Laser Accuracy

“I JUST WANT TO MAKE MONEY!” comments the novice real estate investor. Unfortunately, those can be the most dangerous 6 words in all of investing. As almost all professional investors and traders will tell you, understanding what you are after, and THEN how you will get it, is the primary key to your success. We walk you through a simple procedure where you can rapidly determine your investment objectives so you will know, without question, which opportunities meet your needs and which don’t. This simple step will save you tons of time in chasing after deals the really don’t make sense for you.
Length: 24 Minutes, 2 Seconds

Mini-Course 6: Analyzing A Deal From A 2 Z

Talk about interesting timing……. The day before this mini-course was being recorded, an e-mail announcement came for a new potential investment. Using the objectives developed in Mini-course 5, this new investment opportunity really looked exciting. Watch as Dr. Anderson walks you through each, and every step, that he is taking to decide to invest in this opportunity (it looked so good he took a trip to go check it out in person). While this particular opportunity will be closed by the time you watch, there will be many more that you will then be able to analyze using these techniques. He gives you his spreadsheets that he uses and he shows you some web sites to extract everything you need.
Length: 26 Minutes, 5 Seconds

Mini-Course 7: Remarketing Properties for Maximum Profits

In this mini-course, we’ll get into the real nuts and bolts of the 3 primary methods that you should consider when remarketing your preconstruction investment. For those interested in flipping their properties (or right to buy a property), we’ll walk you through all the issues involved including when the developer says NO, you cant flip your property prior to closing. We’ll also look at the implications of holding the property, regardless of it is a long term rental property or more a short term vacation property. This portion includes everything you need to consider when deciding to manage the property yourself our use a property manager. In addition, we’ll show you a secret for having your cake and eating it too when it comes to flipping your property and minimizing tax consequences. You can show this one to your tax advisor to best fit your situation.
Length: 25 Minutes, 36 Seconds

Mini-Course 8: Maximizing Profits While Minimizing Risk

What? Me worry about the market not going up? Don’t you know that everybody is making a lot of money in this market and that the rules have changed and it will keep going up over the next 5 years!….. Said the NASDAQ investor in 1999 ! We all know what happened there to the unprepared. Real estate is becoming a very popular investment with the general public and when that happens, regardless if the market is stocks, gold, futures, or real estate, you must protect yourself. We’ll walk you through the steps that world class investors take in understanding their risks and developing sound plans to take action if things do not go their way. This mini-course alone can save you from making many thousands of dollars worth of mistakes!
Length: 31 Minutes, 23 Seconds

Mini-Course 9:

19 Steps To Rocket Your Preconstruction Investing

In mini-course 5, we developed the first 11steps to getting you to the point of understanding EXACTLY what types of properties you were looking to buy, in what locations, in what price ranges, and what your plan was for the property. We now complete this process and show you the remaining 7 steps to COMPLETELY get started in preconstruction real estate investing. If you’ll follow these very simple steps, you will be getting access to deal-after-deal-after-deal and will know exactly what to do once you get the opportunity.
Length: 12 Minutes, 52 Seconds

Mini-Course 10: Resources

This simply links you to a page where you can access many valuable tools that can be found on the web for free!